I'm a creative strategist based in Amsterdam. I help companies connect with consumers through insights and strategic direction.

Creative strategy is the difference between connecting with your consumer or not.


It all starts with the consumer.
Challenge your assumptions and seek clarity in your insights.  

I’m a strategic thinker with a love for customer-focussed projects. I excel at leaving the office, finding out what real customers want or love in a product, and translating these insights into actionable communication strategies.

Want to break the mould and lead your industry? I’m your strategist.

Human-Centred Design

My strength lies in leading iterative processes that put customers first and constantly test assumptions. An easygoing leader, I quickly assimilate into a team and guide inclusive strategy sessions.

Consumer Research

From home visits and street interviews to focus groups and questionnaires, I center people in everything I do. Count on fast-paced research that delivers actionable insights in days, not weeks.

Brand & Product Strategy

Customer journeys can be complex. I break messaging down into a communications hierarchy that makes sense of the many physical and digital touch points and resonates with your consumers.

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