Creating a product launch that connects with runners’ real needs

Nike Zoom Ecosystem Launch EMEA

I collaborated with Rumour Has It agency to create a shopping experience in London, Paris and Berlin to launch the new Nike Zoom running footwear line-up.

Our goal was to facilitate a customer journey that guided consumers to their ‘ideal fast’. We had to educate them on the tech and benefits of Zoom products, and help them navigate the product range based on their individual running needs and goals. The key challenge was to bridge the gap between the typical ‘brand speak’ of the sports category and the simple and meaningful language that consumers would actually understand.

By analysing real runner reviews I zeroed in on Nike’s product differentiation from the runners’ point of view. Using this as inspiration I created a communications hierarchy that educated consumers with clear and simple language, breaking down the tech innovations into runner benefits. I helped consumers link what Nike said about the shoe to what they felt when they tried them on – so they could envision themselves actually using the product.

The strategy was used across a series of digital and in-store touch points to centre real runners experiences in the customer journey in Nike’s three pinnacle stores across Europe.

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