Giving a B2B tech giant a consumer facing identity

NVIDIA Shield Product Launch

When Nvidia was on the verge of launching the Shield TV in Europe, they found they were missing something. Known primarily for manufacturing graphics processing units for the gaming and professional markets, this was their first consumer facing product.

We found that NVIDIA had a campaign slogan but no underlying brand identity and therefore no foundation from which to form a relationship with consumers. We showed Nvidia that if they entered the European market without a brand foundation in place, they would risk fighting a feature battle and being perceived as a ‘me too’-brand rather than showing real differentiation as the game changer they were.

Theirs was a technology that was unparalleled, so their brand had to exude that same confidence. We worked with the client to outline the brand identity as one that is intense, obsessive, maverick and universal and helped them to show that to the world.

What began as support for a launch campaign evolved into a strategic piece of work and accompanying internal brand ID video, helping Nvidia solidify what they stood for as a consumer facing brand and providing a basis from which to show that to consumers at retail and launch activations.

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