Redefining a product category to reach its full potential

South Point Brand Creation and Launch

Chinese tech company iRiding was looking to launch an upcoming product in Europe under a new brand, but all they had was the product. In a first for me, I teamed up with two designers to grow a brand from scratch for iRiding.

Our goal was to create a brand that celebrated the new value that electric folding bikes unlock, making cycling a better choice of transport for more journeys.

Focus groups in The Netherlands and Germany showed that our consumer saw E-folding bicycles as a combined subset of both electric and folding bicycles, limited by the constraints of those existing categories. We decided that in order to break free of that stigma and truly show the value this product had to offer, we needed to define a new category: Compact Electric Mobility.

South Point was launched at Eurobike 2017, the world’s largest bike trade show. We highlighted the flexibility and effortless speed of compact electric mobility by showcasing up close videos of first-time riders and cross-city maps. All assets worked to convey our key message ‘Cycle More - Ride Better’, engaging visitors and explaining the category in a way that made the likes of Brompton just a little bit jealous.

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