Demystifying lease regulations for Tesla customers

Tesla Leasing Web Page

Leasing is one of the most important car sales channels in The Netherlands, accounting for over 90% of Tesla’s on Dutch roads. But the most painful part of the lease process can be figuring out your actual monthly costs.


I worked with Tesla to create a webpage that clearly explains the Dutch tax regulations surrounding leasing in a way that is easy to understand rather than requiring a degree in accounting to decipher.

Elon Musk’s wish for Tesla’s online experience was for it to be so simple that people could buy a Tesla with a single click. I translated that philosophy to this page by providing a calculator that gives users an overview of costs without any clicks but can be customised as required.


The result was a simple yet effective webpage for the support section, helping to communicate the changes in Dutch regulations from 2018 to 2019 and assisting in Tesla’s biggest sales month ever in the Netherlands. This in turn sparked a wider project on financial incentives for each of Tesla’s European websites.

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