Winning a pitch by talking to runners in the park

TomTom Sports Wearables Communication Strategy

Working with Green Room Design I headed up a strategic pitch to position and communicate TomTom’s new sports wearables product range at retail locations.

TomTom needed help applying their brand ethos of democratising technology to the wearable category. They wanted to position their product as lowering the barrier to heart-rate training. The challenge was to reach new runners and increase penetration into the market. In order to engage and educate this consumer, dubbed the Challenger Runner, we had to get to know them first.

Conducting street interviews in the Vondel Park, a popular weekend running destination in the centre of Amsterdam, we found that the ‘challenger runner’ was not a catchall for our target consumer. In reality, there were three subcategories, each with a different barrier to engaging with the product, and each requiring a unique communications strategy.

This insight guided a human centric approach that informed all design deliverables, ultimately winning the pitch and solidifying Green Room Design’s first long-term client relationship after opening their Amsterdam studio.

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