Reconnecting a brand with its roots through storytelling

Under Armour Retail Vision & Brand Campaign

Training had always been at the heart of Under Armour’s brand, but what they had typically called training had evolved into a holistic story across all aspects of life and they were only telling part of it at retail.  

To re-establish themselves as the number one training company they enlisted Green Room Design and myself to create a new retail vision and brand activation campaign. The first step was to figure out how this holistic training story should be told throughout the retail customer journey.  

Interviews with staff at the flagship store in Amsterdam revealed that many shoppers didn’t really know Under Armour or what it stood for. Additionally, tech education relied almost entirely on employees, showing a need to improve both product education and brand storytelling within the store.  

I wrote a manifesto to frame UA’s training vision, breaking down the roles of the three pillars ‘Train – Compete – Recover’ and how improving within each would positively impact overall improvement. We used this manifesto to create a store layout and interior design that encouraged exploration and education. The resulting customer journey fulfils two roles, showing shoppers what’s unique about the product they’re looking at and explaining how it fits within UnderArmour’s larger training story.

This consolidated retail storytelling approach was rolled out in the Amsterdam flagship store in 2019.

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